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Foreign Languages &
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Language Opens Doors!

  • Do you wish you had been better able to order your food and find your way around France last time you were there?

  • Do you want to communicate with people using more than survival basics when you venture to Mexico or Costa Rica?

  • Are you interested in volunteering in Haiti, but can't speak a word of Haitian Creole? (Hint: It's not a version of French!)

  • Are you an international visitor, student, scholar, or worker in the US?

  • I'm here to help, in a fun, effective way! 

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Foreign Languages

I teach French, Spanish for Beginners, and Haitian Creole for Beginners.

My instruction is based wholly on your needs and goals, and I use real-life language resources as well as materials you may already be working with.

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English as a Second Language

I love helping international folks to improve their English! And I have the credentials to do it well! As with my foreign language teaching, your needs and goals provide the starting point, and I use real-life English language resources as well as materials you wish to work with.

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Cultural Coaching

My decades of cross-cultural training have enabled me to understand how to help you visit, communicate in, and even live and work in another culture.

Language and culture are interconnected. Let me help you make those essential connections and have fun doing it!

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