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Client Testimonials


I'm proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from my satisfied clients. Bee's Knees Literacy is dedicated to providing outstanding customer care. I go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with my services. If you’ve had experience with us and have feedback, please get in touch; we’d love to hear it.

Jan & Ty Graham 20200315_161817_edited_edited.jpg

Kea Herron has tutored my grandson for over a year and a half. Before that, he had been experiencing difficulties with reading and writing.

Kea has always planned engaging lessons and approached each session with positivity and enthusiasm.

My grandson looks forward to each session and has experienced success in his reading and writing competency.

As he begins fifth grade, I look forward to more progress.

Jan G

Ty spelling a sight word on his arm (multisensory) 15Mar2020 20200315_160944 cropped_edited.jpg

Ty made an unrehearsed, spontaneous video for me when I asked him if he'd consider giving a testimonial for me sometime .

Without any hesitation, he replied that he could do it right then and there. So I turned on my camera and he did it! Beautifully! 


Kea is a terrific teacher! I have studied French with her for many years, and am always delighted that she will cheerfully accommodate my needs and whims.
Our lessons are always fun. She is extremely creative and knowledgeable, and is as eager to learn as she is to teach. Her great sense of humor is also an asset!

Carmen W

Kenn cropped auto IMG_20180806_213822_edited.jpg

I have benefited from Kea's broad language skills by taking her basic French language refresher class. After the course, I traveled to Quebec, Canada, and was able to communicate in French.
Whatever she teaches, skills for students with dyslexia, foreign languages, or English as a Second Language for international folks, Kea seems to master the appropriate approach and techniques and draw out the strengths of her students. They leave her classes feeling a sense of increased confidence in their communicative abilities and knowing they can reach their goals.
I have observed how people from all backgrounds and at all ages feel comfortable and safe working and learning with Kea. I heartily recommend Kea to teach, coach, and consult with anyone with a need relating to language.

Kenn H

Merli 0813211134 (2) cropped, 75pc.jpg

Thank you to Kea for her private French teaching. I was able to read French menus and traffic signs on my travels to France, especially while sightseeing and shopping.
She made the lessons fun, too. We went to see French movies and listened to French music in Tallahassee. I looked forward to her weekly classes.
Thank you very much, Kea!

Merli B

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