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Dyslexia Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

At Bee's Knees Literacy, I've earned my positive reputation because I go out of my way to give outstanding service to each client.

Here’s What I Provide

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Image by Oladimeji Ajegbile

Instructional Areas & Planning

I provide instructional and coaching services, on a one-to-one basis, to persons identified as having dyslexia or struggling with reading, spelling, writing, or handwriting, or any combination of these skills.

I also have extensive expertise in teaching students of English as a Second Language (English Language Learners) as well as in teaching French, Spanish, and other languages.  This means that, if your child has a first language other than English, and may have reading, writing, or spelling challenges, I can fine-tune my instruction to her or his needs and strengths.

First I meet with the parent or guardian (if the student is a minor) and/or the student to learn about the student and the goals, needs, and strengths of the student. Then I assess the student's language proficiency, skills, and weaknesses, and propose a plan for services.

Methods & Approach

To meet each student’s needs, the methods I use are:

  • individualized

  • direct

  • multisensory

  • systematic

  • explicit

  • evidence-based

I customize each lesson to build on the student's strengths and address areas needing improvement.

I use an evidence-based approach based on the Science of Reading (SOR) and Orton-Gillingham. I select materials based on my assessment. These may include the Barton Reading and Spelling System©, Wilson Reading©, Foundation in Sounds©, Handwriting Without Tears©, or others.

I require a minimum of two (2) tutoring sessions each week to ensure effective results. Commitment from students and their families is essential for success.

Bee on a Daisy

My efforts are focused on ensuring the success of my students.

I pride myself on my superb  instructional services and ability to connect with my students.

Let me know today how I can help you!

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